Tuesdays: Pace improvement

These sessions are aimed at improving your speed and stamina and are usually taken by Richard Gould. We meet in two different places depending on the time of year:


Winter venue (mid-September to mid-April)

6:50 pm for a 7pm start – Gavray Drive / Whimbrel Close, Langford Village, Bicester, OX26 6X

Summer venue (mid-April to mid-September)

6:50pm for a 7pm start – Whitelands Farm Sports Ground, Bicester, OX26 1AJ

Thursdays: Pace groups run

6.50pm for a 7.00pm start – Bicester and Ploughley Sports Centre, off Queen’s Avenue, Bicester, OX26 2NR

Meet in the rear car park by the outdoor football pitch (toilet facilities are available).

Runners are split into groups on the night depending on their running pace, ranging from roughly 7 minute miles to 10:30 minute miles. Each group runs for approx 1 hour, so the faster groups run further. We have some slightly shorter (4/5 mile) routes available if you need them.

We have a very simple rule – runners must stick together and nobody must be left behind.
If it is your first club night run we recommend starting off one group slower and then moving up the next week.

We do various different routes and these vary in the summer and the winter. 

You can find a full risk assessment of the routes here.

New members


We are always pleased to welcome potential new members for a trial session. The typical distance that we run on Thursday club nights is 6 miles and pace varies with groups running between 7 and 10:30 minute miles.  The aim is that everyone runs for approx 1 hour (so this means if you would like a slower run, you’ll do a shorter route so we all finish at approximately the same time).  We do insist that no one runs alone so if you are unsure about your pacing or the distance please contact us in advance at so we can work out the best way for you to participate.

Tuesday sessions are located in a ‘closed off’ location making it easier for people to run at their own pace without running alone so if you are worried about your pace over 5/6 miles, these may be a more suitable starting point. Sessions normally include a group warm-up followed by interval training (a number of ‘reps’ of set distance or time) and a group cool-down and stretches. Faster runners will typically run a greater number of distance-based intervals than slower runners. We recommend you try to run at a consistent pace throughout the intervals and you can decide how hard or easy you want to make the session by adjusting your pace accordingly. Please make yourself known to the coach at the start of the session, and we will be happy to introduce you to other members who are likely to be running at a similar pace to keep you company while you familiarise yourself with the format.

Bicester also has several other running groups that may be a good place to start if you are not yet confident about running 5/6 miles continuously or you do not want to do intervals / pace training. You can find out about several of these here:

This includes groups run by Alchester members Steph Fisher and Katy Andrews,