The third and final individual update for the week is focused on the club championships for 2023-24.

A link to the races this year is here.

You will notice some familiar themes, all the cross country’s & all the Motavations are included as well as some new ones & some returners. All races happened in 2022-23 so fingers crossed for next year. We’ve mixed up Parkrun a bit too.

There’s a list of rules & requirements via this link.

Unfortunately Eynsham is now full. As often happens with full races numbers get passed around through people not being able to run. Please confirm with Eynsham on an individual basis if you do.

The other race this side of Christmas that will inevitably fill up is Hooky Christmas Canter. Details link https://www.hooknortonharriers.org.uk/our-races/

Deadline for cross country entries is as per yesterday’s email (this Saturday) & I’m sure you’ve seen the qualification criteria for London Marathon & it’s likely similar will apply next year.

Lewis Long is again the person doing the scores on the doors & tables will continue to be circulated regularly.

Shout if any questions.


Alchester cttee