Number 2 on the important messages for this week.

The deadline for putting your name down to sign up for cross country this season is this Saturday (21 Oct). You’ll also need to make the payment of £20 which covers your entry fee (again there’s no parking fees any more). Payment to the usual club account who will make a bulk payment.

Link to sign up is https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/16FwFohnaxZaGmvRtAdg4mozayOR-bNvcJW7yxWzcASE/edit

If you’re never done cross country before it’s very different from those horrible school sessions. For a start it’s fun! Yes it’s competitive but the big difference is you are running as part of a team (7 in a mens team & 4 in a ladies). Don’t worry teams are simply worked out from first members across the line. The more runners, the more teams we end up having so everyone counts!

Races are always on a Sunday morning on the first Sunday of each month (first one is 5th November). We may have to provide a marshal or 2 at a couple of venues & there are separate races for men & ladies. We now run over the same distance of about 8k / 5 miles.

The fun bit
mud & hills (trust me). The feeling of satisfaction that you get when you finish make it all worthwhile.

The other good thing is the club tent will be setup for somewhere to meet your team mates, put your back & generally feel a bit warmer. Invariably there’s hot flasks & cakes (we have some excellent bakers in the club)

Where are they
The venues this year are:
Cornbury – November (brand new course & venue)
Cirencester – December
Horspath – January
Cotswold Farm Park (Adam Henson from Countryfile’s place) – February (last year for this venue)
Henley – March

What do I need
Firstly a club vest. As it’s only clubs who enter this is one of the requirements. John Nelson is able to help you out with these & we have plenty in stock.

Multi terrain shoes or spikes. If you wear road shoes you’ll likely end up a cropper. You can pick up a pair of spikes on most running show websites fairly cheaply.

What if I can’t do November or all of them
Panic not! If you enter from December onwards it’s £16 & then £12 from January but unfortunately you can’t enter individual events & once you entered you’ve entered for the series.

Any questions please ask. For info Alasdair Kerr & Simon Worfolk are team managers this year.


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