Cross Country

Mud is good!

It is nothing like the days of school cross country and is very much an opportunity to help maintain fitness and focus over the winter as well as providing some fun.

We participate as a club in the Oxfordshire Cross Country league (OxonXC). You need to be registered as a club member to take part. We have a club tent at each race for changing and leaving bags, and we gather for hot drinks and cake afterwards.

Every race has at least one hill, and most of the courses have laps so you run the hills more than once. Don’t worry if you need to walk up the hills, you certainly won’t be the only runner doing so.

What if I am not a fast runner?

We still want you to run! Points are awarded based on your position and your challenge is just to beat the person in front of you or the person you beat last time. Ladies form teams of 3, men teams of 7. The fastest runners in each race count for Alchester A, the next group for Alchester B, and so on.

What kit will I need?

You will need a white Alchester club vest or T-shirt. You can wear a base layer underneath if it is cold, and a woolly hat and gloves are optional. We also recommend buying a pair of cross country spikes (12-15 mm). These don’t need to be expensive as they will soon get covered in mud. Also bring warm clothes for before and after the event – see the Kit page for details of our club hoodies.

What Do I Need To Do?

If you are new to the club and this has convinced you to have a go then let our cross country representatives know ( and they will ensure you are registered. Your email will need to confirm you consent for your details to be shared with the League organisers and also say whether you are happy for any photos to be published.

If you are a current second-claim Alchester member but want to run for us in the Cross Country season, let us know.

Where and When

There are normally 5 races per year at different venues across Oxfordshire, on the first Sunday of each month from November to March. We coordinate lift-sharing for each race. For details of this year’s Cross Country fixtures see

Men’s races start at 11:20 and Ladies’ races start at 12:00.

Further details about the events, entry rules, individual and team results can be found on the webpage: Oxfordshire Cross Country League